Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ch-Ch-Ch-Check it out.

Finished these up lastnight and don't get the wrong idea when I say this, but I love them a great deal. I'm not conceited, OKAY?
So it all started when Camie showed me a picture of earrings that had a little anchor dangling from them, one thing lead to another and voila! I popped out these, don't ask how I got to this point because they look nothing like what she wanted, but I think she likes 'em. Props to Camie as well for helping with the textures.
Okay, so they come in 8 different color packs(Red & White, Navy & White, Yellow & White, Pink & White, Navy & Yellow, Navy & Green, Black & White, and Green & White) that include both silver and gold versions, or you can buy the big honkin' fat pack which includes all 16 necklaces and 16 pairs of earrings.Find these at my two main shops located in my picks.
Thanks for reading. <3
(Skin by Garbage Prototype)
ALSO - Big update from Camie coming, keep a big ol' eyeball out for them, yo.


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