Tuesday, June 19, 2007


After frustration on top of frustration.. these are finally out. I have a bad cold and I'm not feeling well at all, so I'm going to make this really quick(Some would prefer that anyways.) So sorry!
I made these to match an update that's hopefully coming soon from Camie(Note the top I'm wearing in my ad), I wanna say she'll have them out tomorrow, but I don't want to sound so sure and get you excited, so just keep an eye out for them. So many different color combinations out there that I couldn't just do a few, so you have 20 color sets to choose from, you can buy them in packs or singles, each pack has 1 gold necklace, 1 silver necklace, 2 pairs of dangle earrings and 6 pairs of button studs, or you can also buy the singles pack which comes in the color of your choice (Gold or Silver) -1 necklace, 1 pair of dangles and 3 button studs.

I only have these out at our main store in Naedam for right now, I'll be updating other shops shortly.

Please enjoy! <3


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