Friday, June 22, 2007

Nice little release.

First up is my Chi Flip Flops, I haven't seen anyone do this yet.. so I thought they'd be cute. The detailed japanese beaded straps hug to fit your feet perfectly (Or atleast I tried?). I scripted the base with 21 colors to mix and match with your beads, there's 3 bead color options that come with the set: Black on white, white on black and mixed if you just can't decide. Props to Indie Rainbow for being my sidekick on these.
Second up I have my Poppies, I'm actually very proud of these. A little different from my normal high heeled shoes, more rounded and smoothed to give them a more realistic look, I even added a new heel that I absolutely love. (Could just be me!) Thanks to Camie, I added the amazingly realistic looking bow to them and slapped on a cute little button right dab in the middle to give them a cutie pie look(They also come without the button incase you don't like it) These will go with just about anything in your wardrobe, I know they match PERFECTLY with Camie's new Garden Party dresses which are being worn in the ad( but not least are my newly updated flip flops, as you may know I already made flip flops in the past, but I decided they were way overdue for a makeover, so that's what I did! These are much more rounded and curved to fit your feet a whole lot better, and instead of having 3902 packs of flip flops I have also added the updated platform flip flops in there as well.

You can find these ONLY at my main shop in Naedam for now, please check my picks for a the LM.

Much love to you all. <3


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