Saturday, June 5, 2010

Couple updates

Hey guys! Been a while, but thought I'd blog a couple updates of mine.

My Marci sets are very versatile, you can mix and match several different ways.
Each set includes:

1 Top with buttons (Jacket and shirt layer)
1 Top without buttons (Jacket and shirt layer)
1 Mini Dress
1 Frill Top
1 Romper Outfit
1 Pair of shorts (Romper)
1 Front Bow (Scripted to change colors)
1 Back Bow (Scripted to change colors)

Available in 10 color singles, or the big honkin' mammoth pack that includes all 10.

I also got around to doing some cute little daisy dukes.

You can purchase these as singles or in a 6 pack.

You can find these at my in world shop here:

Also available on SLX here:

Hope all is well!
Kimberly Casanova


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