Friday, June 25, 2010

*NEW* Skins @ Djinn & Tonic!!

I've been waiting so long for Mua Skins 2.0 to be released! And the day is finally here. Yay!

Are these not absolutely adorable or what? They come in five skintones with a whopping 23 makeup options at an amazing L$400 each! and if that's not awesome enough.. Babyhoney has made up a custom makeup order form for those of you who want a certain makeup style that's not available. The fatpacks range in 3,5,10,and 20. I love that she lets you pick out the skins you want in your fatpacks, because I don't always like when I go to buy a pack somewhere and the makeups I want are divided into different ones, so that's definitely a big plus for her imo.

Her "ouch" skins are totally fun, and I never thought the whole beaten up bloody look could be so cute, but she somehow managed to pull it off. Love love love them!

Go try on a demo guys! You'll love them as much as I do. I swears it.
Find them at her main store here:

Kimberly Casanova


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