Wednesday, June 27, 2007

50-70% OFF SALE!!!!!!

Why not go out with a bang, eh? We've decided that it's no longer needed for us to keep two main shops. We're having a sale in celebration of the time we've spent in Zazi, the people we've met, and the memories we'll keep. You might be thinking 'It's just land, get over it' but it's honestly a big thing for Camie and I, I know that this was a HUGE thing starting out for me as a designer, and It's going to be hard to see it go. Everything in our Zazi location is on sale, including some of the newer stuff that was recently set out. Note that I don't know when this sale will end, it all depends on how fast the land goes, So come prepared to celebrate and save big while doing it!
Much love from the both of us.


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