Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Purses! Yes, Finally.

Purses! Finally got around to setting these out, been working slowly on and off for three weeks, just been horribly busy. So sorry for lack of updates! Camie is also busy with college, it's a stressful thing! Oh and I'd also like to mention that our main store in Naedam is remodeled! The lag seems to be a lot better, It's more open with lots of room for shopping. Woo!

Now on to the purses.
Every inch of these purses are scripted, I'm an option whore. <3>

Scripted 9 ways!

-29 Strap and lining colors.

-29 Print colors.

-29 Button and bow colors.

-33 Handle and clasp colors.

-3 Ribbed closure colors.

-Includes both shoulder and handbag options.

Think of all the endless combinations you could do!

***I set one out at my main store in Naedam for you to get a closer look, the pics can be a tad blury.

Right now they are available in Zebra or Polka dot, I hopefully plan to add more prints in the near future, so if you have an idea for a print then please don't hesitate to spill your mind. <3>

Available at all my store locations, please check my picks for a list.

Thanks for reading!