Monday, July 9, 2007

*Throws a spotlight on Indie*

Okay so I felt like Indie didn't get enough credit for his new release, so I'm going to do what I can to make sure he does, because they are pretty kickass.

First off "indie." is nomore, but he'd never up and leave you just like that, He's been working his ass off on a newer shop "Indie's House of Flesh." Sounds hot, eh? Here's a taste:

From left to right:
Long & Short Beaters - First up is the short beater, same as the long beater only shortened. Included is 11 optional uber cutsie waist belts. Second is the long beater, just like the prim skirt "They come down a little bit past your uh ohs, so they look uber cute with tights, leggings, jeans, shorts.. Whatever you want." You can even go Britney Spears and wear them with nothing at all. ;) These come in eighteen different color variations for only 75 L$ each, or 675 L$ for all colors.

Cropped Sweatheart Cardigans - I lurve these with such a passion. Cutsie little cropped heart printed cardigans, wear them over your favorite shirt or use them as an excuse to show off that tummy of yours! 75 L$ each, or 150 L$ for the four pack. Great deal, huh?

Classy Vest w/Optional Tank - Yes please! Arent these just freakin adorable? "These vests have a hint of realism in them" They sure do. You wont be disappointed after throwing these on and scanning over the details, that's for sure. "Perfect for dressing up an outfit. Five different colors; each color comes with a vest on the shirt layer, a vest on the jacket layer, and a vest on the jacket layer with a white tank underneath." 100 L$ for each color or 250 L$ for the pack of five.

Apple Thermals - You can really take a bite out of these! (I tried to convince myself not to say that, but I have failed miserably) These will go with just about anything! "These are simple, cute, and fun!" Or as Camie would say "Fun style!" ;) 75 L$ each, or 125 L$ for both.

Floral Dresses - These are floralicious and they come in 5 floralcious colors.(I just like saying it) Cutsie button details with all around floral designs. 150 L$ for each, or 300 L$ for the five pack. Floralicious! (Done now.)

"I did something a little different with the majority of my dresses - I threw in a "grotesque" or blood-splattered version." Well.. if you ever wanted to kill something(or someone :x), atleast you can look like you did."

Floral 'n' Lace Dress - "A tube-top inspired dress with an empire-laced waist. (Try saying that five times fast!)" I tried and I kept saying "waced laist" Try it, it's 10 seconds of your life that you'll never get back. Includes a grotesque version. 150 L$ each, or 250 L$ for both.

Pink Floral Dress - "A cute little empire-waisted dress with a tiny bit of floral print to it. It's skimpy, flirty, classy, and adorable." Not as floralicious as the others, but it's 'licious in its own special way. Includes a grotesque version. 150 L$ each, or 250 L$ for both.

Last and certainly not least:

Retro Dress - "This has a pretty wild print to it - something that I don't see in Second Life too often. It's fun to wear, especially whenever it's covered in blood." Yikes. You can be 'ou there' in two different ways while wearing this dress. Hey, it's not a bad thing. Weeenk. ;)

" plan on updating often. Expect to see some new lingerie and skins blasting out soon." Keep an eye out, peoples. <3

Find all these delcious goodies at [Random Industries] in Louise. Check Indie Rainbow's picks for a landmark.

Or try this:

Sheesh. I feel like I wrote a book. That's all for now. <3

Thanks for looking!


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